So – I cut the cheese wrong

So after having written the blog Cheesy Smile and done the little tutorial I then proceeded to cut the cheese exactly the wrong way the very next day.

Full exposure (this is painful); the one on the left – I cut it parallel to the crust instead of perpendicular.  I was busy blethering to himself hence I was distracted.  Which is always fatal in such a scenario.

Cue himself laughing like a devil as I proceeded to try to cut a second slice without shaving bits of finger off. Sigh.

Being one’s self is not always easy.  But somewhere somehow this may encourage some poor soul not to give up hope (because there is always someone worse than you).


Faux Pas and Deja Vu

The French don’t say “oh I did a faux pas” or omigod I just got deja vu!!

After a few years of trying to convince people that they must use these expressions I have realised that they really don’t.

And as a mystical Irish person, I always get deja vu and I always use it the way we do so i.e. “argh serious deja vu there”.  So himself is like “tu as vu quoi deja?” which means “what did you see?”.  Thereby generally follows the explanation conversation where he reassures me that the French really don’t say that. It keeps things pepper.deja vu