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we won !

So this one goes out to all three of my die hard fans.  Did you ever read my blog about la marche and did you ever get to the end of it?  Well done you! If you did then you read the bit about the guys who took our photo and asked whether they could use it in a competition.  And how we giggled in a coquettish way, secretly delighted that someone would take a photo of wrinkly us.  Well maybe I didn’t admit that we were secretly delighted.    

……well anyhoo the cheeky minxes went and entered it in the photo competition and it went and won!

And because they are lovely people they sent it to us via email and even called over just before the Christmas holidays with a ginormous version of it in a frame.  Et le voila just below!!!


Of course when they came over I was on my own drinking wine and eating pasta and watching the Big Bang Theory.  As I smiled at them in thanks with blacky wine teeth I felt like reassuring them and explaining why I was lounging around in expander pants with pasta in my hair and he was out painting the town red without me.

But of course I didn’t because one must never justify unnecessarily.  But I did wonder whether they felt their muse(s) hadn’t really lived up to the romantic shmooziness we were oozing at la marche….

So now every time I walk past it – which is A-lot because it is on a cupboard beside the kitchen and the beer is in the fridge in the kitchen – it does occur to me the odd time omigerd the pressure. We now have to live up to this goddamn happy couple photo.

Recently himself has come up with an interesting solution to the problem and has started a display of his favourite whisky boxes also located on top of the cupboard.  So while we can still partially see it we are also distracted by the lovely boxes and I must say it eases the pressure.


Another photo that the lovely people took.


p.S. the building to the left on the top floor is one of the apartments we would have loved to rent but missed because we were too honest with the estate agency (we told them how many kids we have and how we would turn one of the living rooms into a bedroom etc. feckin eejits we are).

Grumpy Woman of the Week (nomination)

and the winner is?

Even though it is only wednesday I am fairly confident that I have found a winner for the weekly most grumpy woman on the street competition.

This is a very exciting and a nice moment of the week, when we realise that we are not alone and perhaps not the grumpiest people of all.

nomination “Grumpiest Woman while Driving”

On my way home yesterday I came across a lady “d’un certain age” as they so elegantly say here on the footpath (normally reserved for pedestrians) in her car. She was revving away and moving at a fair pace towards myself and another pedestrian just in front of me. And she looked very grumpy.


As she came upon us, we both skipped lightly to the side. There wasn’t that much space to skip into as there were cars parked on the road beside the footpath. So we found ourselves sandwiched between her wee car and the other stationary cars.

The pedestrian lady person in front of me engaged the driver in conversation to see if she would like some help. Here followed a stream of expletives and door slamming, her rage mostly directed to those who had boxed her in.

We nodded understandingly and tried to indicate via hand gestures and eyebrow wiggling (she refused to wind down her window) that she could exit further up the footpath. Cue further expletives, these time combined with obscene hand gestures.

footpath rage

Here I realised she didn’t want to or couldn’t reverse that far back. Whilst I understood her anger against those guilty of bad parking, I also realised she was quickly transferring her growing rage onto us innocents as we were a) available b) standing in front of her.

Another worrying realization was that she wasn’t paying much attention to what she drove on and that myself and my new pedestrian friend were running the risk of having squished toes very soon.

So she continued on her way up the footpath towards a lamp post. Seeing as she had been rather rude and had refused all help, my grumpy side took over and I headed home to spend some quality time with my kids. Might as well get abused by them rather than a grumpy stranger.

well done

Hats off to my pedestrian friend however, as I left I noticed she was heading back over to our nominee to help her despite herself.


Our nominee wasn’t there this morning, so she probably made it home alright.

Conclusion & regrets

Unless something really spectacular happens between now and Friday I am fairly confident that I have found my winner. My only regret is that I didn’t take a photo.