Trop lourd!

Just remembered there one time I was out with a group of my French muckers and they had invited some of their friends too.  It was a great night and we were all getting on like a house on fire.  The bar we were in is one of my favourite in Grenoble – L’Ouest.  It is tucked in behind les Halles St. Claire.  It is tiny – really long and narrow and quite artsy.  Grenoble excels in tiny excellant bars it has to be said.

We were down the back.  There was a video playing above our heads and the toilets were to our left.  So sometimes we had to stand in line to let people past and we ended up chatting to those who were queuing for the loos.  They literally had to stand beside us and listen to our verbage.  Generally speaking one of those lovely very relaxez vous evenings even though it was nearly impossible to understand anybody who wasn’t completely in your personal space.  You know when you are so close you are fairly sure you are spitting in people’s ears as you rant away but you and they know have to keep going to get your point across?

At one point of the night through a fairly drunken haze I realised that sometimes I was getting strange looks from the friends of my friends.  I didn’t pay any heed because it happens alot when you have a weird accent and people don’t understand exactly what you are trying to say.

At one point we got around to standing beside each other and chatting and they asked me where I come from.  So I said I’m Irish and smiled as one does.   I was probably expecting them to say “oh I love Ireland”.

So I can’t really remember the detailed conversation but between the jigs and the reels they had thought I was a French person putting on a fake English accent as a joke ALL NIGHT.  Hence they apologised profusely whilst they explained but they had thought I had been coming on too strong “super lourd”  (or as literal translation too heavy) and had been getting a bit sick of me.  To them I had just spent 4 hours looping on the same fairly dubious joke.

So then I thought this was hilarious and probably came on too strong again for another half hour as I giggled about it and told the story to everybody in the bar.  Sigh.  And they don’t even know the truly repetitive nature of my sense of humour.

Anyway if ever you visit Grenoble check this place out, the barmen are lovely the barwoman is a classy lady and the beer is delicious.



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