Syd and Larry – the hairspray conundrum

Syd:  Stop it Larry, please I beg you

Larry:  you knew this would happen Syd – it was always going to come to this.  The day you hid my hairspray you knew it and I knew it.

Syd: please Larry no aaaaaaaaaargh.

Larry: tickle lickle lickle lickle. tickle

Larry:  ickle. tickle.

snake laughing

Syd: Pah ha ha ha ha ha ha aaaaaaaaaargh I can’t stand it Larry please please please it wasn’t me, it was the cherub.

Larry: The cherub got a perm last week Syd.  Where’s the hair spray? (tickle lickle lickle) it’s always you man.  You know that and I know that.

Syd: hee-hee-hee, ah no no no, ok ok ok ok, it’s behind the couch.

Larry:  (sighs) Syd you are really going to have to face up to the fact that I am a good looking lion who assumes his image and that i am serious about my hair maintenance.

grumpy cherub

Grumpy Cherub:  Syd? You know I can hear you from here man.  So can flipper.  We’re devastated man.

Syd: Sorry Cherub, sorry Flipper.

Larry: Hey Cherub!  Love the new perm.

Grumpy Cherub: thanks Larry, looking good yourself.

Flipper: eeee, eeee, eeee.

Larry: thanks Flip.

Flipper: eeee

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