Handbag happiness

Am inordinately happy with my new handbag.  It is perfect.  It is small enough to prevent shoulder fatigue due to overfill PLUS it has pucks of pockets for uber organisation.

time for the shopping prayer!

Thank you monoprix mecca for your oblation. In you I have found a sister to one of my favourite Irish emporiums (all hail dunnes stores).  In you I always find a reasonably priced solution, sometimes manifold thereof.

Ahem. I mean Amen.

That said, in my quest to find the perfect handbag there is an element of trial and error.  er. so:

anybody need a really cute little handbage in nearly perfect condition that can camoflage in safari conditions or against early 19th century french tiles?  perfect for that purchase that you don’t want to reveal to your husband/wife just yet)

handbag(completely house trained – can you hear it purring?)

 Apart from that, some essential french phrases for the newbie-in-france multiple handbag buyer:

J’aimes mon sac a main / I like my handbag

Je n’ai pas trop de sacs a mains – n’importe quoi!

I don’t have too many handbags – that’s just silly talking

On ne peut jamais avoir trop de sacs à main – hein?

One can never have too many handbags

Si tu m’aimais tu ne me dirais jamais ce genre de chose

If you loved me you would never say something like that

Ch’ais pas (informal Je ne sais pas)

I don’t know!  ==== (*essential* If asked how much it costs…)




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