grumpy cherub

Grumpy Cherub

I’ve been sitting here for the past 192 years and I am feeling grumpy.

I look like I am five years old but if you look closely you see that I am incredibly hung-over. The boys and I were out last night – the other three good looking specimens holding up this goddamn fountain are even worse than me for the shots.

Every night, I say “lads, can’t we just go for a wee fly around town, shoot a few love arrows and come home early for a cup of tea and some toast?”.

Nobody ever listens to me though…especially not this bloody dolpin.  Flipper here has a mind of his own and all he cares about is where his next Chartreuse is coming from.

DSC02235And does anybody read the notice?  oh no….every feckin’ student that comes to Grenoble comes for a swim in this fountain.

The next two eejits that land in here are getting a love arrow in the ass.  None of your Meetic / eHarmony messing for me, back to basics I say.

now, where did I put my night cream?  my dark circles would scare away the seraphim…



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